Yogamassage opleiding

Thai pregnancy & postpartum massage therapy

22 t/m 26 september 2018 - Noam Tyroler

Noam Tyroler, a famous international teacher in the Thai massage world for his book "Thai acupressure with orthopedic disorders", after 8 years of study, practice and teaching in Israel also wrote a Practitioner's guide for Thai massage for Pregnancy and postpartum disorders in English and starts teaching his knowledge abroad. 
Next oktober he will be teaching his unique knowledge and protocols in the Netherlands with Thai Dee. 
The Treatment routines were composed based on his Thai massage experience together with the knowledge from a Dula, several TCM gynecology experts and a Yoga Instructor that specializes in pregnant women. TCM points formulas and medical Yoga are all "translated" by Noam to Thai massage. So... the techiniques are purly Thai Massage but the knowledge is more Yoga, TCM, Dula knowledge and 8 years of experience. 
During the course it is recommended to invite a pregnant ore postpartum women to practice on for at least one day. For her the treatments are free. If you know someone whole loves to join, please let us know so we can see if she fits into the course.
Are you looking for a place to stay during the night, we know a few nice places in the neighborhood where you can stay for a reasonable price.
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Impression of the book:
During the course you will need the book. You can buy it at:  PS: $75 before May instead of $100 in May.



Recognised by: THAI,  LVNGNVSTBATC & VBAG (1 ECT)

Teaching hours: 35 hours
Teacher: Noam Tyroler 
Date: 22 till 26 September 
Location: Thai Dee, Wiersedreef 28, NIeuwegein
Costs: 550 euro if paid before 1 August
575 Euro if paid after this date
Prices are including coffee, tea and certificate
Excl. book (75-100 $ for sale at Noam Tyroler)
At least one year of massage experience and basic anatomy knowledge needed

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