Course Thai massage and oncology

Thai massage and oncology

Course Thai oncology massage

Ten day course Thai Massage and oncology

Roni  Gilboa (Israël) komt naar Nederland om bij Thai Dee de specialisatie Thaise massage bij mensen met kanker te geven. Een veel minder bekende toepassing van de Thaise massage,  maar minstens net zo boeiend en waardevol.  Je kunt mensen tijdens deze vaak moeilijke fase in hun leven echt tot steun zijn. Helpen deze fase vanuit meer rust en vertrouwen te doorlopen. Hoe mooi  is dat.

Roni beschikt over meer dan 10 jaar praktijkervaring. Daarnaast deelt ze als docent haar kennis aan andere massagetherapeuten. Zowel binnen het holistische zorgcentrum waar ze werkt als daarbuiten. Onder andere bij de bekende Sunshine School in Thailand.

Warm hands on an aching body

This course  you will learn applied Massage Techniques for Oncology, Stress, Trauma, side effects of modern-day illness, Chronic anxiety, Chronic pain and more. 

While the massage techniques are deeply rooted in Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Acupressure, we will also explore the fascinating and intriguing opportunities that present themselves when these traditional techniques interact with other approaches like Shiatsu and Fascia Massage.

What to expect from the course massage and oncology

This course is dedicated to understanding and practicing integrated palliative care for people dealing with cancer through touch therapy.


This segment is dedicated to understanding and experiencing the oncology environment, We will talk honestly, openly and without fear about dealing with a life-threatening illness or long-term trauma, we will learn the implications on a patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environment.

We will explore the standard and innovative courses of treatment of cancer in conventional, western medicine and their short and long-term side effects. We will delve into issues such as - what is cancer, what is palliative care; what is our therapeutic stance; how we process loss, grief, how do we deal with recovery and healing. We will practice movement and breathing we will explore grounding and intent. We will dance, meditate, practice Qi-Gong. We will experience “listening with our hands”, opening our hearts, protecting our body and adjusting our therapeutic tools.


In this segment we will massage our way from illness to healing as we practice techniques that apply to the well documented and the uncharted manifestations of trauma in our being.

We will practice massage applications for trauma, chronic pain, side effects of western medical protocols, pain management, insomnia, neuropathy, digestion issues and more. We will explore attentive presence, therapeutic intent and flexibility, we will navigate through the integrative approach, we will dance, meditate, exercise Qi Gong and delve deeper into our own therapeutic stance, we will practice the joy of Thai massage and combine the forefront of western understanding of muscles, nerves, movement and fascia with traditions of Sen lines and energy distribution.

About Roni Gilboa

I am a Shiatsu and Thai Massage therapist by training. Through the years I have incorporated other techniques such as OsteoThai and Fascia work into my toolbox.

Between 2007 and 2016 I was involved with The Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center for People Dealing with Cancer in Jerusalem, as a therapist and as the managing director of the charity.

During that time I developed the Center's training program for therapists who practice various disciplines and have been teaching Thai Massage and touch therapy techniques for more than eight years.

Practical information

Recognised by: accreditatie aanvraag loopt voor LVNGNVST, BATC & VBAG
Teacher: Roni Gilboa (Israel)
Language: English
Date: 15  till 19 & 22 till 26 of March 2021 (10 days)
Location: Borkel & Schaft (gemeente Valkenswaard)

Costs: € 995,- if paid before 17 July 2020. € 1050,- if paid after this date.
It is also possible to follow only one week. The costs for one week will be € 600,-. 
If you are interested in one week, let us know by our contactform.

This is including:

♥ Coffee & tea 
♥ Certificate

If you want to overnight in the neighborhood, there is a camping close to the place. You can put your tent  there ore rent a caravan for a very reasonable prise. More information about the camping.

What background do you need to follow the course

You are a massage practitioner ore massage therapist who has completed at least a one year massage course.

Other interesting specializations: Thai Acupressure - Fascia massage - Thaise massage met de ellebogen