Thai medical Herbs with Bob Haddad

Thai medical herbs

What do you learn during the course Thai medical Herbs?

This one-day workshop is a basic introduction to the herbal healing traditions of Thailand. Medicinal herbs are an intrinsic component of the ancient healing traditions of Thailand, and they have many applications in the modern world. Thai herbs and roots are freshly mixed to prepare poultices, teas, bath infusions, and herbal compresses. The compresses are steamed, and then applied to the body to relieve stress, to ease tension and to bring about a calm state of mind. This course is completely different than the regular herbal compress courses.

The course presents a basic understanding and working knowledge of the medicinal properties of major Thai herbs, preparation of herbal teas, bath infusions, and basic knowledge of Thai herbal compress therapy. There will be discussion, mixing, tasting, and preparing herbs, and a review of application techniques in bodywork. We will discuss conditions that are suited for treatment with herbs and compresses, and we'll review Thai massage techniques and concepts for hot herbal compresses. The effects of a Thai herbal session can be truly amazing; aches and pains seem to fade away, and you feel relaxed yet energized. All materials are included, and students return home with samples of teas and bath infusions.

Bob Haddad

Bob Haddad RTT, is one of our main guest teachers. Bob has studied traditional Thai massage since 1999, mostly in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has learned from many teachers, but Asokananda and Pichest Boonthumme are his true mentors. He is the founder of Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) and author of the book "The healing art of Thai massage". His specialized and advanced workshops offer fresh insights into the energy healing and spiritual aspects of traditional Thai massage.

Practical information

Teacher: Bob Haddad (USA)
Date: 10 mei
Time: 9.00 - 17.00
Location: Centrum Thai Dee, Wiersedreef 28, Nieuwegein
Costs: € 150,-

This is including:
♥ Coffee & tea
♥ Certificate
♥ Instruction book