Thai Pregnancy & Postpartum massage with Noam Tyroler

Thai pregnancy massage

Thai pregnancy & Postpartum massage 

Thai massage is perhaps the best treatment method during pregnancy but most Thai massage Practitioners do not treat pregnant women. Those who do treat, often omit many of the most needed techniques out of fear and lack of understanding of contraindications. 

In this course Noam Tyroler  included a very detailed discussion of treatment safety to give you a more solid ground and the right confidence to treat pregnant women without exaggerated and imagined fears.

Impression of the book:…/…/2016/12/Heartburn_to_share.pdf

What do you learn

You will learn both treatments for pregnancy related problems during pregnancy, how to treat during labor and postpartum problems like postpartum depression and Mothers milk not flowing.

The Treatment routines were composed based on his Thai massage experience together with the knowledge from a Dula, several TCM gynecology experts and a Yoga Instructor that specializes in pregnant women. TCM points formulas and medical Yoga are all “translated” by Noam to Thai massage. So… the techiniques are purly Thai Massage but the knowledge is more Yoga, TCM, Dula knowledge and 10 years of experience.

What background do you need 

Minimal one year massage experience and basic knowledge of anatomy.

Practical information

Teacher: Noam Tyroler (Israel)
Language: English
Date: 6 till 10 May 2023
Time: 10.00-18.00 o clock (first day start 10.30)
Location: Valkenswaard (close to Eindhoven)
Level: MBO
Homework: no homework
Costs: € 650,-

This is including:
♥ Coffee, tea & snacks
♥ Recognized certificate with accreditation
♥ Free sleeping place in our classroom ore your own tent

We have lunch Thai style which means we will prepare and share it together. You will get more info about the cooking schedule before start. 

Excl. book yogamassage for pregnancy. You can buy it at for about €142,- ore directly by Noam Tyroler with some reduction.

Sleeping accommodation:
If you want to overnight it is possible to put your tent in the garden ore sleep together with other students in the classroom for free.  If you  to stay, please let us know by the contact form. There are also many B&B's and airbnb's and campings close to the centre. 

Here are some suggestions: 
Camping het zwaluwnest  
B&B het loont 
B&B ekkerzicht 
B&B Logies bij Marlies  

Ekkerzicht and logiesbijmarlies give some reduction if you say you are a student of Thai Dee. Het Loont is a very beautyfull place for a very reasonable price.