Thai acupressure – upper body

Naom Tyroler

Course Thaise acupressure from Noam Tyroler at Thai Dee, Netherlands.

What do you learn?

Learn Traditional Medical Thai treatment protocols for orthopedic disorders of the upper body  with a leading international Instructor - Noam Tyroler

Thai Medical massage (Thai Acupressure) is Traditional Thai Physical Therapy. It is practiced in special clinics in most of Thailands’ Hospitals. It’s based on traditional formulas of acupressure lines and acupressure points for the treatment of the most common musculoskeletal disorders.

Noam Tyroler is one of only a few Instructors of Hospital type massage outside of Thailand. He published the only existing bookguide on Thai Acupressure that has been translated into 8 languages.

Noam is visiting the Netherlands to teach you the diagnosis and application of 30 treatment routines for the most common upper body disorders of the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and wrists.

What background do you need?

This course is ment for practitioners of Thai Massage ore any other bodywork modalities (for example Shiatsu, Tuina, Deep Tissue, Sport massage, Physical Therapy, osteopathy and Pilates).

More info about the teacher:

When and where?

Data: september 23 till 27 - 2023
Location: Schafterdijk 11, Borkel en Schaft
Teacher: Noam Tyroler (Israel)
Language: English

What's included?

  • A 5-day workshop (10:00 - 17:00) with a leading expert on Thai Acupressure
  • A Recognized certificate with international accreditation (THAI, LVNG, NVST, BATC , VVET & VBAG)
  • A Free sleeping place in your own tent or at the classroom
  • Sharing experience, living and preparing food in a community of like minded professionals

*There are extra options nearby (RBNB) for those who are not into camping and tents.

**The upper body second part of the masterclass will be held next fall. More info: Thai acupressure - upper body.

Tuition: € 650.
You can buy the book at ore with reduction with Noam Tyroler.

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