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Thai massage and oncology

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From Illness to Healing

Massage techniques for working with trauma

"Warm Hands on an Aching Body"

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Modern life can be extremely stressful, challenging and demanding.
This affects our health, our well-being and our state of mind.
We may feel its manifestations in various ways;

  • through aches and pains
  • difficulty sleeping a meaningful night's sleep
  • troubles with our digestive system
  • being anxious and worried

It may also affect our relationships with family and friends as we struggle to survive and endure the tests that life presents us and recycle the energy of our trauma.

Meet the psoas and vagus; Our physical and emotional tools for living in the 21st century

Scientists and medical professionals call stress one of the silent killers of our times. Finding ways to deal with and contain the challenges of modern living is becoming ever more important in our quest to improve our health and our well-being.

In this workshop we will meet the Psoas (muscle of the soul) and Vagus (nerve of well-being) and explore various ways and options of applying traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu and other techniques to work with these sometimes-un-tapped gifts that we have in our bodies. We will learn how to relax and release the Psoas and improve its range of movement, how to stimulate the Vagus nerve and work on its tonal elasticity. How to help our clients to move from “Fight or Flight” to “Rest and Digest”.

For whom

This course is for massage practitioners that want to treat people with cancer related trauma. Many of the tools can be used with other trauma's too. We will practice the joy of Thai massage and combine the forefront of western understanding of muscles, nerves, movement and fascia with traditions of Sen lines and energy distribution.

Admission requirements

Minimal one year experience as a massage practitioner.

About Roni Gilboa

Roni is a Shiatsu and Thai Massage therapist. Through the years she has incorporated other techniques such as OsteoThai and Fascia work into her toolbox.

Between 2007 and 2016 she was involved with The Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center for People Dealing with Cancer in Jerusalem, as a therapist and as the managing director of the charity.

During that time she developed the Center's training program for therapists who practice various disciplines and have been teaching Thai Massage and touch therapy techniques for more than eight years.

Roni has more than 10 years experience treating thousands of cancer patients at the hospital and at the community clinic. She works with evidence based treatments affiliated with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Other interesting specializations: Thai Acupressure - Fascia massage 

Practical information

Teacher: Roni Gilboa (Israel)
Language: English
Date: 9  till 13 September 2023 (5 days)
Time: 10.00-18.00 o clock 
First day we start at 10.30 o clock
Location: Schafterdijk 11, Borkel & Schaft
Level: MBO
Homework: no homework
Costs: € 650,- 

This is including:

♥ Coffee & tea 
♥ Certificate
♥ Manual
♥ Certificate of participation

We have lunch Thai style which means we will prepare and share it together. You will get more info about the cooking schedule before start. 

Sleeping accommodation:
If you want to overnight it is possible to put your tent in the garden ore sleep together with other students in the classroom for free.  If you  to stay, please let us know by the contact form. There are also many B&B's and airbnb's and campings close to the centre. 

Here are some suggestions: 
Camping het zwaluwnest  
B&B het loont 
B&B ekkerzicht 
B&B Logies bij Marlies  

Ekkerzicht and logiesbijmarlies give some reduction if you say you are a student of Thai Dee. Het Loont is a very beautyfull place for a very reasonable price. 

Other interesting specializations: Thai Acupressure - Fascia massage - Thaise massage met de ellebogen